Children in Bulgaria left in institutions and foster care

Thousands of children are left each year in institutions which are damaging for their development. They do not need to live with nurses that service them, but with parents that love them. Some of those children get adopted, but don’t the others deserve to be loved too?

Our country is facing a lot of economic and political problems, but I believe that humanity is something we shouldn’t neglect in any situation and should be our highest priority. I see that a lot is done about the success of the foster homes program, led by the National agency for child protection. More and more people are becoming professional foster parents, which allows for so many children to have a way more normal childhood and to build normal, psychologically healthy personalities.

Yet, money are never enough. Foster families have to live on a total of 300-350euro a month – half for the parent, half for the child’s support formally, which is far not enough even for the most needed – food and clothes. Then humanity shows up again, as huge companies organize charity concerts and campaigns, and even individuals, like Svetlio Kantardzhiev, Petya Radoslavova and many others donate money or material goods to foster families.


This gives hope that foster care in Bulgaria is going to prosper in the years ahead – more and more children will be taken out of institution and will receive proper care and love.

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