Let`s talk about favorite fairy tales!

Today is the day for… fairy tales. 🙂  That`s right and to be honest every day should be a part of the magical world of the fairy stories. Life is a magic, just believe it!

In my opinion, some of the greatest wizards are Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and Christian Andersen. Exactly their names can be found on the pages of the series Magical Treasure of The World. The edition is published by New Media Group and Svetlio Kantardjiev who is strongly related to children`s books.

The series is really accessible despite the luxurious pages and picturesque photos. I bought it for my daughter who felt in love with the prince of Cinderella. Yesterday she told me that she would like to marry him. I will not tell her that in real life men snort and fart, taking away the dream of the prince on white horse.

In addition, that`s why most people adore fairy tales, because of the cloud-castles. Me for example, I still want the red lips of the Snow White, the hair of Rapunzel, man like Hercules.

In conclusion, never give up from the fairy tales, keep reading and dreaming – life is much more beautiful like that. 🙂


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